Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Foot sore spots protection

I always feel feet hurt while wearing my elegant high heels even though the walking distance is very short. What gives? Shoes size? Shoes height? Feet shape problem?

Sometimes, it tends to be so clueless when you have a nice shoes but you cannot wear it contentedly. What I usually do is by using the traditional way, stick the plaster on the sore spots to reduce the pain, but it does not really work from time to time.

No worry, girl! Fortuitously, I found something which can make your feet feel comfortable regardless on what type of shoes you are wearing.

Heel Shields for protecting heels from shoes slipping and rubbing.

Invisible Foot Gel for sore spots protection.

Yay, I can shop for the whole day with these shoes.
I hope this post can trim down your riddle on how to wear pretty shoes comfortably.
Enjoy shopping with your nice shoes~~

Chee \(^.^)/

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