Saturday, November 24, 2012

Brilliant and Calm Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is located at South Island of New Zealand. It takes about 3 hours to drive from Chritschurch to reach there. When standing on the shores of Lake Tekapo, the scenery in front of you is just like a flawless picture, with light blue lake water as the main character and snowy Mount Cook as the background. We spent about an hour plus at there just for the photo shooting session because the view is awesome.


Look at the snowy mount behind, it's so fake!


There is a small church located on the shores of Lake Tekapo called Church of the Good Shepherd. Unfortunately it closed on that day, so we only able to take photo from outside.

Close to the church, there is a famous bronze statue of New Zealand Collie sheepdog, too. It is to symbolises the importance of the Collie Dog in sheep herding in New Zealand.

Salmon fish is quite famous at here, you could give a try when you visit Lake Tekapo. About 20 mins drive from the lake, there is a salmon fish farm called High Country Salmon. We bought some salmon fish from there as our dinner.It taste nice and fresh.

On our way to look for salmon fish~

Another interesting place to visit in Lake Tekapo is Mount John. The view from top of Mount John is another breathtaking scenery. If you are hungry, just order some dessert and enjoy your meal with the beauty scenery at the restaurant at Mount John. If you are craving for astronomical observatory, you can join the obsevation trip at night.

The last but not least, we stayed at Tailor-Made-Tekapo backpackers for our days in Lake Tekapo. The environment was warm and nice.


Free soup from backpacker house:)

You can find some freebies that left by previous backpackers in most of the backpacker house

Cooking salmon~

Cold night, luckily there is a stove in the living room

so BIG @@

la la la la...

Good nite kiwi birdy and sheepy zzz...

Preparing to leave Lake Tekapo


Stay tuned for our next destination, Oamaru :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Before going to New Zealand, my friend told me Christchurch is a very beautiful city that I must visit. Unfortunately, earthquake had destroyed most of the signature buildings and the scenery in Christchurch. Although it is not as attractive as previously, but we still spent some days visiting around the city.

From North island to South island,you can choose to take ferry from Welington to Picton or take flight from any airport of north island to Christchurch. We took Air New Zealand from Taurangga airport and landed Christchurch after 2 hours of flight.

Thanks Pei Pei and Fiona for sending us to airport superb early in the morning (We left Te Puke at 3a.m!), you both are so helpful and kind, love you!

Enjoying our flight meal :P

Is this Mount Cook?

To be convenience, we had pre-rent a car via ACE Car Rental website for our trip in South Island. You can choose to pick up and return the car at the same city or pick up at City A and return at City B if there is a branch at there. We picked up and return the car at Chrischurch as well. Once we reached Christchurch airport, ACE Car Rental staff picked us up and fetch us to the place to get our rental car.

                                            Rental Car pick up point at Christchurch airport

Our turn~

We stayed at AMROSS COURT Motor Lodge for the days in Christchurch. The room is cozy and clean, it's worth to stay.

Okay, it's time to check out the city.Most of the famous buildings were destroyed during earthquake, we couldn't drive in to visit it as roads were blocked. Riccarton become quite happening after Cathedral Square is closed for visit.

Took some pictures while passing by.

 Walking in the Shopping Mall while it's raining outside.

 Yes, New Zealand Natural @ New Zealand :)

 Yummy Muffins~


 And guess what we had for our dinner?

 Yeah it's Hell Pizza time:P

We yet to finish our time in Christchurch, will talk more about it in later post.

Stayed turn for our next destination, Lake Tekapo~