Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Souvenirs from miles away

I have collected tons of souvenirs over these years. Couldn't really recall some of them were from where, who and when. Some were kept in an isolated place, some where being abandoned. (Ooops! how bad am I) :S However, I still keep most of them in place. :P

Right here, I would like to share with you some of the souvenirs which me and my sis got lately.

Left - From Italy
Right - From France

The Triangle doll has been said that it would bring good luck to the owner. Hmmm..hope it's true. ^^

From Japan...

From China...

Left - From Taiwan
Right - From Australia

As from our collection, we found that mobile phone strap has become a popular item after key chains. Don't you think so?

Normally, I hang them on this jewelery holder. This is also one of the simplest way to keep and display your souvenirs. Do share with us if you have a better and more creative way. ^^

I know, I know it's kinda silly to show my souvenirs over here. In fact, it is so touching and warm when someone still remember you and spend a little time to get you something from far away when they are enjoying their vacations or busy with their business trips. Hence, I wanna keep all these precious gifts as a memory over here. :P

Yee <3

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rose Bud Tea

It's weekend! Too lazy to go out? Sick of meeting the big crowd outside? YES, Why not joining us for a little tea time? 
Me and my sis love rose bud tea like crazy. The flowery aroma makes us feel relaxing and calm. It also helps to reduce stubborn pimples and smoothen our skin. Regular drinking of rose tea will keep you stay young and beauty. If you are working long hours on your job or burning the midnight oil for your school exam preparation or projects, you may try it out, too. Girls, what are you waiting for? Grab your rose bud at your nearest shopping malls or Chinese herb shop (If you have limited budget).

Preparing of rose tea is easy. Simply add 15 buds to the teapot with hot water. (Add 3-4 buds into a cup if you are preparing for a single portion)

Tips: Normally we will add some Wolfberries (枸己) to obtain a better results.

Let's have a few pieces of Genji biscuits, too. (Thanks Joe for buying us this yummy biscuits from Jakarta).

Genji comes in a few flavours and We love the original one the most. Have a nice weekend!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Clarins Charity

Hey, guess what I got from Robinsons?! A luxurious dress? A branded make up stuff?

Noop! You are wrong! I've bought an adorable tumbler from Clarins with only RM12.

From 1 Nov to 31 Dec 2009, when you purchase this 'We Care Tumbler' at any Clarins counter, the money will go towards a funding which helps giving a better future for the under privileged children.

I am pleased that I could lend my hand to those children with my little donation. I hope they will have a better future life! 

Unexpectedly, I got a free Clarins sample from the sales person. It’s Clarins Hydra-Matte Lotion for combination skin. Basically, it's a daily moisturizer for combination skin.

I will try it on :) Thanks!

Welcome to The Precious Book ^^

Recently, I was craving for sushi, just without any reason :P Therefore, my sis and I came out an idea to make our own sushi. It has been ages since our first sushi making.

Here are the ingredients and tools we prepared:

How to prepare the rice? Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Cook 3 cups of rice with 3 cups of water in rice cooker
2. Add cooked HOT rice with 60ml vinegar + 45g sugar + 10g salt
3. Leave the rice aside until it is cold enough
4. You may start your sushi making now

We have eggs, tofu, cucumber, crab meat stick, sardine (yes, canned) and our favourite salmon!

Make any type as you like...

Doesn't look too bad, huh? :P

Serving you this yummy sushi bento. Dozo (Help youself, please)! 

Can't wait to have one now! Itadakimasu (Gonna eat my sushi now)!