Thursday, October 25, 2012


Before going to New Zealand, my friend told me Christchurch is a very beautiful city that I must visit. Unfortunately, earthquake had destroyed most of the signature buildings and the scenery in Christchurch. Although it is not as attractive as previously, but we still spent some days visiting around the city.

From North island to South island,you can choose to take ferry from Welington to Picton or take flight from any airport of north island to Christchurch. We took Air New Zealand from Taurangga airport and landed Christchurch after 2 hours of flight.

Thanks Pei Pei and Fiona for sending us to airport superb early in the morning (We left Te Puke at 3a.m!), you both are so helpful and kind, love you!

Enjoying our flight meal :P

Is this Mount Cook?

To be convenience, we had pre-rent a car via ACE Car Rental website for our trip in South Island. You can choose to pick up and return the car at the same city or pick up at City A and return at City B if there is a branch at there. We picked up and return the car at Chrischurch as well. Once we reached Christchurch airport, ACE Car Rental staff picked us up and fetch us to the place to get our rental car.

                                            Rental Car pick up point at Christchurch airport

Our turn~

We stayed at AMROSS COURT Motor Lodge for the days in Christchurch. The room is cozy and clean, it's worth to stay.

Okay, it's time to check out the city.Most of the famous buildings were destroyed during earthquake, we couldn't drive in to visit it as roads were blocked. Riccarton become quite happening after Cathedral Square is closed for visit.

Took some pictures while passing by.

 Walking in the Shopping Mall while it's raining outside.

 Yes, New Zealand Natural @ New Zealand :)

 Yummy Muffins~


 And guess what we had for our dinner?

 Yeah it's Hell Pizza time:P

We yet to finish our time in Christchurch, will talk more about it in later post.

Stayed turn for our next destination, Lake Tekapo~

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Shop & Eat @ Tauranga

The town is slightly crowded on Thursday and Friday as everyone come out for shopping after wages is out on Thursday. Although it is not a big city, but you can get everything from head to toe from here. There are boutiques, banks, house decoration shops, post office, bars, fast food, dental, pharmacy, coffee shop, information center, supermarket and etc in the town. So, it’s worth to pay a one-day-visit to Tauranga with your buddies.

We are here for shopping :)

Shoplots along the roadside

 Adorable signboard

There is a lot of cute and createive kitchenware found in this shop called Stevens. *LiKED*

Prisoner Lady @ Costume shop

Milkmaid @ Costume shop

Resting on the bench while waiting our buddies

Can you spot Dolphin on the drain’s cover? 

On the way to Fish Market

Café and Dental in the town

Drive further down of Tauranga, we went to a shop called Kathmandu where you can buy good quality of sportswear and sports accessories.

The last but not least, we went to Korean shop for our groceries shopping

Our favourite SHIN Ram Yun…yum yum~

Various types of Korean ram yun

Snacks time!

 Tasty Banana Milk! It’s selling in Isetan, Malaysia :)

There is a Chinese Buffet Restaurant located at the other part of Tauranga which is always crowded as the food is quite nice. I am not sure of the location name, but it is near to Countdown supermarket and Warehouse.

Heading to Chinese Buffet Restaurant

Finally we are here for our lunch

Chicken, Fish, Prawn, Fried Rice, Vege, Chips, Mee and so on.


 Okay, last photo before we start our meal :P

  Coffee on the road :)

Goodbye Tauranga~