Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mummy's Butter Cake

Dessert time, everyone!

Presenting you our homemade butter cake...

...from our beloved mummy's secret recipe.

To bake a butter cake, you'll need these ingredients:

Sugar 200g
Butter 250g
Flour 200g
4 Eggs
Baking powder 1 teaspoon
2 Oranges
1/5 glass of water

...And steps

1. Mix butter, baking powder and sugar into the mixer until it become smooth
2. Prepare eggs into a bowl and add into the mixer. (Precious tips: Always prepare a separate bowl for every single new egg before mixing it directly with the existing eggs in the first bowl. Bad egg will spoil everything)
3. Slowly add in flour and mix well with the dough
4. Squeeze oranges to obtain the juice. If the orange juice is less than 3/4 of the glass, add in water until it reaches 3/4 of the glass.
5. Keep some orange peels in tiny foam and add into orange juice
6. Pour orange juice mixture into the dough.
7. Sprinkle with raisins (optional) 
 **Pre-heat oven for 10mins**
8. Put into oven and bake for 1 hour, 150°c temperature

Eggs, orange peels and squeezed orange juice


The outcome!

Apparently, it was not that complicated. If you know nothing about baking a cake and would like to try it out, it is good to start off by giving a try on butter cake.

♥ Happy baking ♥

Monday, January 18, 2010

Addicted to Monkey Island

OMG! We can't imagine that we're actually spending our precious weekend on playing PC game. What game is so special that makes us crazy for it? Yes, Monkey Island, we are addicted to it!!!

We love Monkey Island sooo much as it is an awesome game that we've ever played (Of course there are still a lot of nice games outside). We seldom play PC game. It has been years that we didn't play PC game since the last time we play this Monkey Island.

This game was introduced by our piano teacher - Alex during secondary school time. We were not smart enough to play the game last time, so what to do? Yeah, asked teacher for some clues on the game after our piano lesson. haha... Thanks Alex for showing and teaching us how to play the game patiently.

Guybrush Treepwood, the main character in Monkey Island

Monkey Island is a simple and adventurous treasure hunt game, but you need to have a logical and creative thinking plus a pirate brain. Trust us, you will learn a lot throughout this game.

Have a glance on Monkey Island.