Friday, December 25, 2009

The R.O.M

This post is specially dedicated to Fei, Looi and their hubbies :)

Finally the day *010809* has come...

 Nervous and tension.

Witnessing the memorable moment. They looked serious @@

Officially become husband and wife! Joyful and relief. Congrats!!!

Unfortunately, we missed out the most important part due to the road blocks causing us trapped in the traffic :(

Thanks god that we still managed to get there eventually for a group photo :) (From left: Kee, Fei, Looi, Ivan, Me, Joe)

Looi: You're mine starting from now until forever. Don't try to betray me!! Hehe~
Wanna see more photos? Click here...

It's not the ending yet~

Another unforgettable day *221209*

Kee: Will you marry me?
Fei: Yes, I do~

Fei & kee: Yay! Can't wait for our turn. (Steady, huh?)


They are tightly tied to each other now. Nobody can separate them away forever...:)

Returning to their home sweet home excitedly.

May all of you be showered with blessings and happiness. Have a blissful new marriage life!


Kawaii said...

i remember her..but forgotten wats her name...haha anyhow, congrates gal!;)

Adeline said...

Wei, When's ur turn ar?
I so gonna attend n be ur photographer....