Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Fashion Island – Papamoa

During our time as kiwi packers in Te-Puke, we always visit to a town called Papamoa to satisfy our shopping desires. It takes about 20 minutes drive to Papamoa from Te-Puke. This town is famous with the Papamoa beach and Fashion Island. You can also do your grocery and household shopping at Pak’N Save, New World and Warehouse.

We spotted someone selling “Cheap Rocks Melons” on our way to Papamoa, so we get off to have a look and tasted it.

 We were looking for the sweetest melons to bring home

Finally, we reached Fashion Island where you can find many shops are selling clothes, accessories and shoes.

We found our shops here... :P

Tips: You can find free hangers from some shops such as JayJay, Supreme in NZ. This time JayJay is giving out free hanger, it helps us from saving the hanger cost.

Lucky Dips selling at one of the shops

If Fashion Island does not fulfill your shopping desires, you can continue shopping at Warehouse, New World and Pak’N Save which are located besides Fashion Island.

 Our groceries of the week

At one of our times to Papamoa, we saw double rainbows! It’s DOUBLE RAINBOWS!! To take some photos for memory, we keep turning the roundabouts before turning into Papamoa road, it’s funny but we were horned by the cars behind. Oops, sorry: P

Papamoa Beach

Pipi picking session again~

Dig dig dig

Faster grab the pipi when the waves get back

What a windy and cold morning

Our harvest

Playing with the birds@@

There are some hotels around the beach for tourists to spend their days with the lovely beach, but not for us, we got to back to Te Puke to cook the Pipi as our lunch.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next enjoyable experience in another town.