Thursday, December 24, 2009

Secret of...Louisiana

1118 was my best friend, Jeannie's BIG day. I supposed to blog about it earlier. My bad, due to my laziness and keep neglecting it. Anyway, hope it's not too late for now :)

Secret of Louisiana, this is where the simple and ordinary birthday celebration held.

The unique design and decoration creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. Definitely a good choice for couples.

Here come the two couples. One guy with three girls.

What an odd combination, haha! Left: San, Danny. Right: Me (grey), Jeannie (white). I was temporary taking the role of Jeannie's bf. (No worries, KY. I will take good care of her, lol).

The most hilarious couple. San + Danny.

Me and the birthday gal.

Basically, they serve authentic American cuisine.

Jeannie's all-time-fave, Creamy Herbs Baked Salmon. Delicious!

My order, Arcadian Braised Chicken. Soft and Juicy!

Sonoma Red Wine Chicken for San. 

Overjoyed Danny with his Chicken Maryland. I noticed they didn't serve with the most significant side dish - Corn in stick, which was a bit unlike the one I used to eat at other places. Is it?

Poor little pinky Mickey, lost one ear :S

A quick shot before the ice cream started to melt. Yes, this little brownie was Jeannie's birthday cake :P The brownie tasted good though.

**H@Ppy Bel@ted Birthd@Y, Jeannie** @>----

Yee <3


Anonymous said...

Fren.. thx for the sweet memories...SanSan

Yee said...

You're welcome, San. Glad to hear that you enjoyed :)