Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun time with Kiwi farms

Still blogging about Te Puke? Kiwi fruit? What else we can find in this small town? Yeah, you must not miss out the vast kiwi farm. One of the famous kiwi farms is Kiwi 360. Kiwi 360 is famous with its GIANT kiwi fruit located in front of the visitor center. You can take photo with the giant kiwi fruit and climb up to the top of the kiwi fruit to have a bird eye view of the kiwi farm. There is a souvenir shop, café and KiwiKart tour that bring you go through the lush orchards.

Kiwi 360

The best photo of us with Giant Green Kiwi after trying N-times of capturing :P

 We looks happier when taking photo with Giant Yellow Kiwi^^

Does Zespri sounds familiar for you?

 With 2 little kiwi fruit dolls, there are so adorable^^

Te Puke safety sign board that you can see on the road,  so creative.

We went to Kiwi 360 for 2nd time during autumn time; the 1st time was in summer. 
Look at the leaves, there are so colourful~~
We went to another two kiwi farms beside kiwi 360 which gives us the chance to be closer to the fruits. ^^ Kiwi Fruit tree is not too tall for us, that’s why we still can work as kiwi picker with our height, but we chose not to be a kiwi picker because it’s a very tiring job. 

 Heading to another kiwi farm and spotted this dried cone farm as cone season is just over.

All kiwi farms are covered by a kind of tall and flat plant called Shelter Belt, 
it protects kiwi trees from big wind. 

We are not too short, aren’t we? :P

Kiwi fruit close up

Beautiful trees

I can’t wait to taste on the kiwi fruit!
The feeling of blissful*.*
 I met my ‘best friend’ last summer: P
The giant kiwi fruit is trying to eat us, help! 
Two little fresh kiwi fruits, product of NZ :)
Enjoy reading, stay tuned for our next experience in Papamoa.