Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Souvenirs from miles away

I have collected tons of souvenirs over these years. Couldn't really recall some of them were from where, who and when. Some were kept in an isolated place, some where being abandoned. (Ooops! how bad am I) :S However, I still keep most of them in place. :P

Right here, I would like to share with you some of the souvenirs which me and my sis got lately.

Left - From Italy
Right - From France

The Triangle doll has been said that it would bring good luck to the owner. Hmmm..hope it's true. ^^

From Japan...

From China...

Left - From Taiwan
Right - From Australia

As from our collection, we found that mobile phone strap has become a popular item after key chains. Don't you think so?

Normally, I hang them on this jewelery holder. This is also one of the simplest way to keep and display your souvenirs. Do share with us if you have a better and more creative way. ^^

I know, I know it's kinda silly to show my souvenirs over here. In fact, it is so touching and warm when someone still remember you and spend a little time to get you something from far away when they are enjoying their vacations or busy with their business trips. Hence, I wanna keep all these precious gifts as a memory over here. :P

Yee <3

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