Monday, November 23, 2009

Rose Bud Tea

It's weekend! Too lazy to go out? Sick of meeting the big crowd outside? YES, Why not joining us for a little tea time? 
Me and my sis love rose bud tea like crazy. The flowery aroma makes us feel relaxing and calm. It also helps to reduce stubborn pimples and smoothen our skin. Regular drinking of rose tea will keep you stay young and beauty. If you are working long hours on your job or burning the midnight oil for your school exam preparation or projects, you may try it out, too. Girls, what are you waiting for? Grab your rose bud at your nearest shopping malls or Chinese herb shop (If you have limited budget).

Preparing of rose tea is easy. Simply add 15 buds to the teapot with hot water. (Add 3-4 buds into a cup if you are preparing for a single portion)

Tips: Normally we will add some Wolfberries (枸己) to obtain a better results.

Let's have a few pieces of Genji biscuits, too. (Thanks Joe for buying us this yummy biscuits from Jakarta).

Genji comes in a few flavours and We love the original one the most. Have a nice weekend!

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