Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to The Precious Book ^^

Recently, I was craving for sushi, just without any reason :P Therefore, my sis and I came out an idea to make our own sushi. It has been ages since our first sushi making.

Here are the ingredients and tools we prepared:

How to prepare the rice? Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Cook 3 cups of rice with 3 cups of water in rice cooker
2. Add cooked HOT rice with 60ml vinegar + 45g sugar + 10g salt
3. Leave the rice aside until it is cold enough
4. You may start your sushi making now

We have eggs, tofu, cucumber, crab meat stick, sardine (yes, canned) and our favourite salmon!

Make any type as you like...

Doesn't look too bad, huh? :P

Serving you this yummy sushi bento. Dozo (Help youself, please)! 

Can't wait to have one now! Itadakimasu (Gonna eat my sushi now)!


adeline tan said...

Hei, Lets do together le...
I also know how to do, but i do roll wan only, cause i dun have a mole....haha....

***The Precious Book*** said...

@Adeline: Sure, good idea!

Connie Lim said...

Hey, It looks very nice! next time when u do again teach me also ya!