Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mt.Maunganui - Hiking

Guess what? This was the third time we been to Mount Maunganui, it isn’t an attractive town as some other big towns , but we just like it, maybe it is near to Te Puke where we work.  We went for different activities every time, this time we went for hiking~

Yes~! We are going challenge the mount behind us soon!

Saw many fatty sheep on the way up. I guess they are shy to the camera as all using butts to face the camera~

Look at the nice scenery

A peaceful seaside

We are getting higher and higher ~*wheeze wheeze*



Finally we are here! Can you see the houses along Bay of Plenty? it’s amazing!

 Another side of the Mt. Maunganui with sunset background, what a nice scene we have.

 Choco time~

Night scene of Bay of Plenty with the lights are turned on, it is another breathtaking view compared to day time.  

Okay, girls~ The sky is getting darker and darker, it’s time to leave now, else we will miss our way home and got to overnight here. Bye~

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