Saturday, January 7, 2012

Farmers Market @ Mount Maunganui

Happy Easter day! It was Easter Day when we went to Mount Maunganui this time. We heard that there will have a Farmers Market on that day, so we visited Mount Maunganui again. It was so crowded early in the morning and most of the booths were selling fresh vegetable, fruits, plants, meats, honey, cheese and food. Besides Farmers Market, there were some free performances and children games can be found at there. “Photos speaks louder than words”, let’s enjoy the photos we captured on that day as it's quite fun:P

Welcome to the Farmers Market!

Fresh vegetables and fruits stall


NZ Honey :)

Selling mini doughnut in a caravan, so cute^^

Visiting the shops around there

So wish to play with the "castle" behind

Face Painting, but it was long queue :(

Cute car :)

Yummy cheese :P



"Snakes"@@, the seller was so creative, it was soooo cute!

Where is the seller? Yeah, he was helping us to take this photo and we were helping him to sell the



 Live band :P




Magic show

Everyone is craving for

He is real man
What a beautiful sky^^

Guess what we have for our lunch?

Yes, Burger Fuel~


Easter Eggs for Easter Day :P

Hope you enjoy the photos and stay tuned for the next post.

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