Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visiting around Te Puke

Have you stayed in a mobile home before? Yes, we did! And this was our first time staying in a mobile home or travel trailer which is known as Caravan in NZ. Caravan is like a room with 4 tires attached to it. Due to it does not have any engine, you have to connect it to your vehicle in order for you to bring it along with you as your room at the destination.

Normally, traveler will park the caravan at Holiday Park that near to the recreation area. It is a place which offers variety of accommodation options such as camping site, caravan parking site, self-contained motel and cabins. Each caravan’s parking lot has a faucet for water usage and electricity connector for you to connect electricity to your caravan. Public toilet, washroom and kitchen are available at there, too.

Our caravan was those which are already placed in the holiday park as a room, so we did not travel around with it. It was really a special experience for us to stay in a caravan for a week.

This is our caravan :P

Inside of the 3 people caravan. There are also caravan with smaller size available for 1 to 2 people.

Can you spot us? Hello~~

Opportunity shops are very common in NZ, we can find it in any town. It is a shop that selling second handed clothes, kitchenware, shoes, bags, bed sheets, curtains and etcetera. The price can be as low as 1NZD if there is a promotion. If you spare some time at these shop, you may get something nice and cheap, especially jacket or winter clothes.

Family Store is the biggest shop among 3 of them and the clothes selling at there looks nicer :)

Can’t find any night activity in Te Puke? You are definitely wrong. There is a cinema which open until late at night for mid night show in Te Puke.  The size of each show room is same as the smallest show room in those big cinemas. It is quite comfortable, new and clean inside. You can get to watch the international film as well as local firm at there.

Cinema main door

We chose to watch this local film called "My Wedding" and it’s very nice

 Snapped a photo before the show started

We have been drinking Comvita Manuka Honey for few years before visiting NZ, thanks Shirley for bringing it for us across the sea every time. It is really the best honey product which contains pure NZ Manuka Honey that good for health-maintaining. We used to drink UMF® 5+ Manuka Honey from Comvita. You can take the higher UMF® that provide better effects to your body with higher price.:P
It was so surprised to know that Comvita Visitor Centre is just location at Te Puke while we were on our way heading to the town from Maketu. It is just located near to KIWI 360 (one of the must-visit places in Te Puke).  So, we dropped by to pay a visit at Comvita Visitor Centre. You can find others products such as propolis, body lotion, omega and candies beside honey. (Click here for more information about Comvita)

Main entrance of Comvita Visitor Centre

Bee-lieve it or not!

Stay tuned for our next post, enjoy reading^^


foxngn said...

you no buy a bottle of honey bee ?

Chee said...

@Foxngn: Yeah, it a must buy product when u travel at NZ, it is so pure and healthy product :)