Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kiwi Country - Te Puke

Welcome to the Kiwi Country - Te Puke.  From Auckland to Te Puke, it took about 5 hours to reach there by Inter-City bus. You may get the bus ticket as low as $1NZD if you are lucky, but not for us because ours were last minute tickets. : P (Click here for InterCity website).

Te Puke is known as "Kiwifruit capital of the world" due to it's one of the main kiwifruit producers of the world. Yes, our mission getting to this small town is to search for a kiwifruit packer job during kiwi fruit season (March-June).

We stayed at Hairy Berry Backpacker house for a couple of nights as recommended by our friend due to its location is near to Trevelyan’s pack house, which is the pack house that we aimed for working over there. However, some people claims that Hairy Berry is a little expensive compared to others, you can get cheaper accommodation by staying at the lodge in town or caravan at Holiday Park.

We had no idea how to get to Hairy Berry Backpacker house from Te-Puke town although it is just a 2km-away-far distance. Luckily a kind bus driver offered to send us there, so we faster hopped into the "Not In Use" Bay Hopper bus.

 Hairy Berry Backpackers House

Our 4 people room

Living room with books, information, internet and TV for all backpackers

Kitchen for all backpackers

Our day in Te-Puke was going smooth with the help and kindness of everyone we met there, it was too warm for us. ^^ After we got a job from Trevelyan’s pack house, we paid a visit to the town centre. Although the town centre is just occupied by 2 rows of shops along the main road, but you can find any thing you need at there, such as grocery shop, book shop, photo shop, Post Shop(Post office), library, cinema, petrol station, workshop, restaurant and etcetera.

History of Te Puke


Most delicious bakery in the town, our favourite Egg & Bacon pie is always out of stock, it's the best pie we ever had :)


Post Shop (Post Office is known as Post Shop in NZ)

The road sign and sign board in this town are decorated with "Kiwi fruit", so cute^^

MCD for our lunch! The ice-cream tasted nicer than Malaysia. You may also try MCD Fish burger at NZ and you will feel the differences, it's fresher and thicker.

More to come about our life in Te Puke, enjoy reading ^^


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm planning to work in Trevelyan's packhouse too in this coming March :)
And I'm looking for a place to stay which nearby to the packhouse. Your blog made me relieved coz Hairy Berry is nearby packhouse :) Thank you

But can i ask how far is the distance? Walking distance?

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, forgot to get your permission. I'm traveling alone so a little struggle. So, if you don't mind, can i ask you some information?

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