Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maori's Maketu

During the time in Te-Puke, we had a chance to stayed over a small town called Maketu which is about 11km  away from Te-Puke for a couple of weeks. Maketu is located nearby beach where it is predominant by Maori population.
Without any hesitation, we drove to the famous Maketu Beach for our first time ever PIPI catching session, and it's free.

Although the Pipi and Cockle are free, but there are daily limit for each gatherer.Tips: Remember to bring your own digger and pail or plastic bag to put the Pipi/Cockle
Look at the sky, the colour is so pretty

Nice beach
The beach is full of shells,and it's pain when step on it@@.


Our naked leg with pipi shells

You can cook the Pipi as one of your dishes for your lunch or dinner, we cooks Pipi soup with corn and tomato.

Next, let's see what Maketu has to feed our hungry stomach. Yes, it’s the famous Maketu Pie!!! we picked a few flavour to try it out.
Maketu Smoke Fish pie, tasted nice without fishy smell, I like it!

I believe most of the houses in Maketu have sea view because of its nice location. But I think our landlord's house is having the best view as its front door is facing the sea. We super-duper enjoy the sea view during our time at there.
View from our room.

View from another side of the room. Moo moo with green grassland and blue sky.

More to come about our life in NZ, enjoy reading^^


Foxngn said...

@@... 无敌海景. 背山面海, 简直系海阔天空

Chee said...

@Foxngn: Yeah, really 无敌海景, but not 背山..haha..