Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sheep World

Have you ever seen sheep in pink? Yes, we found it in Sheep World. It is located in about 45mins drive from Auckland city. Everyday 2pm, they have the sheep and dog show. Entrance fee is $25 including farm visit and the shows.

Pink Sheep. Opps sorry for the blurry of the photo -.-"

Welcome to Sheep World

Sheep Sheering demo

The dog is looking after the sheep

The sheep is so fat!!!

Hello! Meh~Meh~

Feeding piglet at the mini farm

Yee: You're skinny dog! hehe...
Chee: You're fatty sheep..haha!


Shenie said...

Like the sheep so muchie! Still remember meh meh when I was traveled in Taiwan 2 years ago... Why don't you snap nearer photos of the pinkie sheep! >0< they look so cutes!

Yee said...

@Shenie: Same here! Making me reminded on your trip to the sheep farm in Taiwan. That's kinda similar though. Pink sheep hardly can take the photo as they were standing quite far away and we were unable to go nearer as there was fenced.

nicky said...

Nice pictures. Envy your working holiday in NZ. So much fun! :D Hope you really enjoy your time there!

Yee said...

@Nicky: Thanks ^^ will explore more and update you guys! Stay tuned!

PY said...

Wow! The sheep are very cute :P... I think you gals can play with them many times :) Since in NZ, sheep are more than human... ahaha :D