Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainy Taupo

The first word I would describe when I think about Taupo is: "WET". Why I said so? This is because from the first day we reached Taupo till we left, it keeps raining all the time. The sky had never bright and Mr. Sun was totally devoured.

At least, we still able see the well-known Lake Taupo and strolling around the town.

Lake Taupo under the gloomy day

Huka Falls Jet ride is one of the popular activities over here but we didn't try it.

Spotted this "BIN INN" shop

Didn't know that soap can be purchased in this way =)

Everything depends on your preferred amount

First time trying Hell Pizza and falling into it immediately. It's a local pizza chain.

Unique interior with the scary paintings and design

Wow, R.I.P counter?!

We ordered this pizza so called "ENVY" which contained of Salami, Ham, Onion, Mushroom, Pineapple and Bacon. Very delicious... 2 thumbs up!

Unable to finish your pizza? No worries, just tear off the middle part of the pizza box following the instructions from the box and fold a coffin-like little box. It can fit 1-2 slices of pizza. Isn't it so easy and convenient? I personally love this idea so much!

This take away fried rice box was our first meal in Taupo. Cute design, huh?

Found this store selling some extra big heart shaped tomatoes

Visited Taupo puzzle world on the way we leaving

Ready to take part on the Maze?

Different types of games and puzzles are offered here

Souvenirs and puzzle games are being sold here, too.


Don'z said...

Hell Pizza? sound interesting! the Bulk shop "BIN INN" really look special. look like a great trip there :)

Shenie said...

I like the love shape tomato~~~ cute~

Yee said...

@Don'z: Hi there!Long time never heard from you...MIA to where already? :P

@Shenie: Yeah, so cute!

foxngn said...

hmm.. Hell, spicier than our food here?

Yee said...

@foxngan: You mean Hell pizza has spicer food?