Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A date with blueberry

We visited a blueberry farm at Ohaupo called Blueberry Country. You can PYO (Pick Your Own) blueberry from the farm and pay for it, the berries are so fresh, plus the price is a lot cheaper than in supermarket. After registered at office, we grabbed a pail and headed to the farm to have our unforgettable blueberry picking session!
First time ever see the blueberry tree

Pick your own blueberries

Here I come

Freshly-Juicy berries

1 kg of blueberry cost $8.50

Blueberry ice cream made from fresh blueberry *Yummy*


Shenie said...

The ice-cream look so delicious~~

Yee said...

@Shenie: Very fresh! First time trying on blueberry ice cream. Thumbs up!

PY said...

The blueberries seems so fresh! Sure very sweet :) I wanna try too! :D