Sunday, March 20, 2011

Greetings from NZ

Hi ya, finally we are back to the blogsphere again after a long period of MIA. Guess what, we are currently in the North Island of New Zealand ^^ Oh well, we are doing good here. Lots of farms and vast greenery fields are around. Weather here is chilling but the sun’s glare is super strong. Sigh~
We touched down in Auckland as our first station. Stayed at a friend’s house in Browns Bay.

Great sea view from the balcony of the house.

If you happen to come over to Browns bay, do not miss the yummy Penguino ice cream. They are famous here and received many awards. Penguino ice cream also can be found in Nelson, South Island of NZ.

Single scoop of Stracciatella flavoured ice cream with cone, $3.

Price from the shop

When you come to the downtown, you will be able to see the harbor bridge and the Sky Tower. You can try your luck at the Casino in Sky City which is just nearby to the Sky Tower.

View from Harbour Bridge with the Sky Tower

Took this Intercity bus from Auckland to Te puke at Sky City station. Due to the last minute of purchase, the bus ticket cost us $34 per way. It’s better to plan the date earlier and book to obtain the cheaper rate. For more info or online purchasing, you can visit to this website:

**Note that if you are outside NZ, you are not able to make any purchase of the ticket via online.
Craving for Burger? You must stop by Burger Fuel, NZ’s local burger chain. They have got 3 size of burgers - Mini, Lightweight and large.
Backfire Bacon Combo. It comes with a large Burger with cheese, bacon, vege and chicken + Drink + French Fries. Drink is grabbed yourself from the fridge. They have a few choices and we picked the ‘L&P (Lemon and Paeroa) which is the local famous soft drink. Taste not bad.

Can you see the difference of both Large and Lightweight sized burgers :P


Foxngn said...

Woah.. very luxury wor the housing area you staying there.

gan said...

very good. enjoy!

Chee said...

@Foxngn: A peaceful and nice residential area though =)

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