Thursday, September 16, 2010

Belgium Part 1: Brussels

Get ready to fly with me?



 Landed safely in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and got transferred to Brussels

 OMG, saw these beautiful tulips selling in the airport. Those are my fav flowers!!!

 Finally, reached my hotel at Brussels -- Mercure Hotel

 Waiting for check-in.
Whoa, beautiful hotel room. Everything is well equipped! Gonna stay here for a couple of weeks

 What are the most visited spots in Brussels? Here we go...

 Grand palace. A must visit place for every tourist!

Touch it and you will get luck!

Handmade lace is very popular in Belgium

The Manneken pis. This little boy is so famous over there, really!

Godiva. You must not miss it if you travel to Belgium.

Royal Palace

Chinese musuem

Ahh, what a relaxing evening. Wish to stay for a longer moment here. A beautiful garden beside the Chinese musuem.

A quick pose in front of Japanese Tower. It was closed actually.

Atomium. Love the architecture. Just passing by for a photo shooting. Hee~

 Just for Fun =)

 MIM aka The Musical Instrument Museum. It's really worth to pay a visit on it as they have a vast collection of musical instruments. 

Everyone is given a headphone at the entrance. When you get closer to the display of the particular collection of instruments, you will be able to listen to the music played by the instruments. Totally amazed with it!

Somewhere in Royale  =)

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